A forklift is a powered industrial truck equipped with lifting forks used to move materials over short distances.

Common types include counterbalance forklifts with internal combustion engines, or electric engines, as well as warehousing equipment like reach trucks & pallet trucks.

Load capacity refers to the maximum weight a forklift can safely lift and transport, without compromising stability.

Consider factors like load capacity, lift height and the type of terrain in your workspace. 

Clearing Height – the height of doorways or entrances and exits need to be for the machine to pass through with ease.

Mast height – the height you would require your machine to lift the goods/products.

Machine width – the width of the machine including all elements that could protrude during the functioning of the machine.

Turning Radius – the space the forklift needs to turn around in.  The smaller the turning radius the less operational space you would require in your warehouse.

Stability – a triangle under the forklift, maintain the center of gravity of the unit preventing it from tipping over. 

Tilt – the angle at which the mast can tilt forwards or backwards.

Regular inspections, including pre-shift checks are crucial, follow manufacturer guidelines & local regulations.

Yes, some forklifts are designed for outdoor use.  Generally most counterbalance forklifts can be used outside.

Please don’t worry! Our team is on hand to give you advice before you buy any forklifts. We can discuss your exact requirements, help you select the appropriate forklift and clearly explain what will be delivered along with the business benefits.

Yes, operators must undergo training to ensure safe operation and compliance with regulations and they need to be licensed

Wear seatbelts, follow speed limits, avoid overloading, and be aware of surroundings to prevent accidents.

The lifespan varies, but with proper maintenance, a forklift can last approximately 12 000 operational hours or more.

Regular maintenance, including oil changes, brake checks and tyre inspections, is crucial for optimal performance and safety. Refer to manufacturer guidelines. 


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