8L Series: Electric Forklift: Lithium-ion battery 1.5-3.5T


Ergonomic design – the whole vehicle has been designed under the Toyota Industries Group ergonomic philosophy.

Battery – Lead-acid battery and lithium-ion battery can be used interchangeably.

Integrated transmission – drive axle & gearbox integrated structure, lower noise and reduced by 10dB.

LED Lamps – last longer than traditional halogen and provide better lighting.

Blue safety light – will cast a blue aperture about 3m behind the forklift & alert pedestrians that there is a forklift backing up.

Multi-functional instrument – displays speed, electricity detection, service time, seat automatic power switch & operation information.

7 Layer durable chain – stronger with a high safety performance.

Integrated uni-body frame – bolt free, unibody frame increasing strength by 20%.



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